Technology Transfer

Accelerating innovation from the lab to the global market

QuantumCT is dedicated to streamlining the transfer of cutting-edge technologies, ensuring that they reach the hands of those poised to make a meaningful impact. This is where breakthrough innovations transition from the lab to the global market. Our innovation ecosystem facilitates seamless collaboration between researchers, industry experts, and entrepreneurs.  

Our strategy for ensuring effective technology translation into practice: 

  • Identifying faculty entrepreneurs 
  • Providing funding to help de-risk technologies that have a path to a startup 
  • Engaging the investors early to build the entrepreneurial ecosystem 
  • Forming an incubator/accelerator that can fully support the faculty startups including be a place for other startups who wants to join the ecosystem

Join us in shaping the future of innovation as we bridge the gap between academia and industry, accelerating the journey from discovery to market and unleashing the full potential of quantum technologies in the global landscape. 

  • Foster and promote the establishment of an economically thriving, independent quantum tech ecosystem 
  • Raise awareness and provide technological expertise to create the competitive advantage that quantum technologies can provide across industries 
  • Motivate early investment and engagement of venture capital and industry partners