Our Mission

QuantumCT is a public-private partnership accelerating the adoption of quantum technologies in Connecticut and beyond.

What We Do

QuantumCT is nurturing an innovation ecosystem, training a new workforce, and identifying ways R&D can inspire communities and help companies across all sectors.

QuantumCT is building the foundation for Connecticut to become a leading hub for quantum technologies.

This effort includes:

  • Support for expanding research.
  • Engaging industry in applications of quantum technologies that will provide companies with a competitive edge in the marketplace.
  • Building a robust pipeline of new talent prepared to step into the opportunities offered by a quantum economy.

A joint initiative between the University of Connecticut and Yale University, QuantumCT is leading the next quantum revolution. 

The Importance of a Dynamic Workforce

QuantumCT is collaborating with a broad coalition of partners across academia, government, the private sector and community leaders to lay the groundwork for expansive, equitable economic development.

We are driven by a commitment to excellence, curiosity, and collaboration. These values shape every aspect of what we do, from developing cutting-edge technologies to fostering a culture that encourages innovation and continuous learning.

The successful integration of quantum technologies into various industries requires a skilled and knowledgeable workforce. Our commitment to workforce development aligns with our vision to create inclusive and equitable economic development opportunities, ensuring that Connecticut residents across a broad range of jobs and skill levels can actively participate in and benefit from the quantum revolution.

As we continue to evolve, our story remains rooted in a dedication to driving the quantum economy.

QuantumCT Fast Facts

  • Positioning Connecticut as a hub for quantum innovation and investment.
  • Accelerating the adoption of quantum technologies across key industry sectors.

A Global Market

Working to ensure that
Connecticut secures a share of
an emerging global market that
is forecast to be worth $53 billion by 2028. 

$1 Million NSF Grant

QuantumCT was awarded a $1M planning grant from the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF).
QuantumCT is award
number 2302908.

Innovation Ecosystem

The NSF award helps us develop CT’s innovation ecosystem to prepare a strong proposal for becoming a future NSF Engine, where we will have the opportunity to receive up to $160 million.