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Accelerating the Adoption of Quantum Technologies

QuantumCT is a joint initiative between Yale University and University of Connecticut working hand-in-hand to advance Connecticut’s position as a center of excellence in quantum, and accelerate the adoption of quantum technologies in Connecticut and beyond.

The QuantumCT Team is collaborating with broad coalition of partners from business, academia, government, the nonprofit and innovation community to lay the groundwork for expansive, equitable economic development — promising to fundamentally change how we live, work, and communicate with each other.

Quantum science has catalyzed technologies that touch every aspect of our daily lives, paving the way for remarkable innovations with profound implications on society. Drawing on research excellence at Yale and UConn and a growing innovation ecosystem, QuantumCT is creating a national competitive advantage in an emerging technology domain. Quantum technologies are poised to influence hundreds of applications, including smartphones, navigation systems, drug therapy, advanced computers, and other applications impacting biomedicine, energy, defense, healthcare, insurance, and financial sectors.

QuantumCT’s target sectors have outsized importance for the U.S. economy, security, and well-being. Realizing their transformational capabilities will create significant socio-economic growth in Connecticut and the region, and serve as an incubator for the nation as a whole.

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