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Our Region

QuantumCT is transforming a diverse region into America’s accelerator for quantum technologies.

The state’s economic sectors, our strength in relevant research, the rural-to-urban character of our communities and cultural diversity, and the differentials in opportunity available to our residents make Connecticut a microcosm of the challenges and opportunities facing the nation.

Why Connecticut, Why Now?

  • World-class research institutions
  • Dynamic talent that is highly specialized
  • Industry alliances and partnerships
  • Clear regulatory framework
  • Commitment to workforce development
  • Strong government support
  • High caliber of software, mechanical and electrical engineering graduates

Connecticut enjoys a diverse economy, with industries ranging from aerospace and clean energy to insurance and fintech, all of which stand to benefit from quantum technologies.

The development of quantum technologies requires high levels of collaboration, funding, and innovation — these are assets and resources that we tout every day. Connecticut’s small size creates a dense and tight-knit entrepreneurial community, with a highly cooperative and interconnected ecosystem of colleges, nonprofits, business groups, and private capital. Combine this with Connecticut’s long and illustrious history of talent, productivity and cutting-edge innovation, and we have all the necessary ingredients to promote, support, and lead in the development of quantum technologies.